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I do six years of cheap nba jerseys free shipping communication,just deserve a good life cattle predecessors have seen a lot, but it is no exaggeration to say that Mr. A is my communication in the industry have seen the most cattle people. Young, Hideo, he did not solve the problem, have the invincible impressive record, everything will be in front of him instant decomposition re integration, so that at a glance, applauded. Like this Daniel predecessors, anyone who seems to think he has the talent to do today’s achievements, I also think so, until I have listened to him before the story, slowly pieced together a picture, and the picture, very few people know, but this is enough to make me proud people as the acme of perfection.

Mr. A graduated from 23 years old to 27 years old, six years has been done in the top position of Guangzhou industry, arguably if this path, some future magnanimous, but it all seemed too smooth, and the heart and spread love, think of the future more hopes to become a communication. So Mr A, at the age of 27, gave up his best living conditions and came to Beijing, the best company in the world of communications, starting from scratch, fighting alongside him at the age of 23. Mr. A started late to consciously take the bottom spare no effort to catch up, the salary, the new journey begins in Beijing rental basement. Don’t write a press release, the customers have the press release Beishu; English is not good enough, just one back English books and customer information; lack of business background and went to buy books to learn cheap nba jerseys business management. Mr. A lived 30 kilometers away from the company before the year before, when the early years did not have a car cheap nfl jerseys online , the Beijing subway was not developed, even to the remote place where he lived. So Mr A every day regardless of the weather sit three bus to work. Because the start late, work harder than others, overtime to midnight, do not have to say, is to go home early also self-study and research industry knowledge to one o’clock in the morning. Of course, few people can work under this, after a few years, Mr. A rapid promotion, won more and more customers trust and appreciation, ten years down, accumulated the current results.

Mr. A now has many cattle, how many people envy his life and achievements do not have to say again, I always think of Mr. A down three bus commuting pictures. I think that is also a person who can endure hardship, but in front of the three bus screen, I just want to say a word: big brother, to kneel!” I can’t imagine that every winter morning, every dark night, a heavy rain every picture,cheap nba jerseys usa every moment he, Snow gleams white., how to persist?

He just calmly told me: “this is not hard, just experience. If must say this is hard, I just don’t want to let the future of their own regret.”

Just graduated from work began to work with the children said to me: I rent a house 3000 a month, my parents give me dig, I earn enough money to pay rent, how to buy a car in the future?” Several years working with my friends said: “every day I have to work out, the boss and customers are so abnormal, why am I so badly?” Have a friend said to me: “leadership only love rich two generations, two generations of employees, money in the home is not the same, I am such a rookie who who see the child well.” With the success of others are lucky because death or a good father, you don’t have anything so you most miserable.

I remember two years ago when I just bought a house, suddenly from the rented shack into stable beautiful house, night stand tall and see the traffic on the ring rolling windows, lights flashing, how would suddenly suddenly feel that life is so good, well I can’t believe, always feel unworthy is not worth have such a good picture. Good friend Kiki told me: “all this is your own struggle, what not peace of mind, you have eaten bitter, you forget I can not forget.” In fact, the moment I still feel your fear, eating the bitter is not so good for the world, but also understand a truth, hard life is cheap nba jerseys for sale worth to have everything you want to eat, how bitter, how worthy of a  cheap nike nfl jerseys good life.

I recently wrote a new book called “don’t let the future of you, hate yourself now”. This is probably always wanted to practice a word, I also believe that Mr. A is also to ask themselves, or that he has higher requirements, I do not know. But in fact, I always love suffering education and the tragic story, with poor picture and brilliant tomorrow for comparison is too old-fashioned point. () but sometimes you have to admit that a lot of success or achievement, from ever work, eating the bitter, tears through the night. Therefore, their every day at ease, had peace of mind, also deserve deserve all the good and light.

Some time ago, a peer with me about Mr A’s background and how he did so cattle, I don’t have time to tell him what reversing the three story, I told him: “you have the opportunity to see him on the desk just a book, go back and look through your home you think a lot of books, You’ll see..”