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A cargo ship cheap jerseys nfl for sale unloading back, suddenly suffered a from china will not be a setback huge storm, we do not know what to do. At this critical moment, the captain decisively ordered: “open all empty cargo hold, immediately into the water inside.”

To the cargo hold water? The sailors were shocked and poured water. Did the boat sink faster? This is not to find ourselves in trouble? No man, we all looked at the captain.

The captain asked: “how do you listen to my orders, don’t have to wait for the cheap nhl jerseys ocean?”

A seaman anxiously asked: “the ship in the water, this is how dangerous move, this is not suicidal?”

At this time, the captain said calmly: “we have seen the deep root stem thick trees were blown down in a storm? There is no foundation of fallen trees.”

Seaman who did half believe and half doubt. Although the storm is still so violent, but with the cargo in the water is getting higher and higher, the ship gradually stabilized. On the rolling sea, the freighter moved smoothly until authentic nfl jerseys it reached the safety zone and the shore.

After landing, the captain told the seaman: “an empty bucket is easy to wind down and cheap nfl jerseys china if filled with water, the wind is not blowing down. Similarly, the ship in the weight-bearing time, is the safest, empty boat is actually the most dangerous.”

“The nfl jerseys for sale most full of rice, the most close to the ground.” In fact, life is it not? Many successful people in life, not the burden of the brave, heavy responsibility and pressure in the heart, bettering the steady pace of life, even in the face of strong wind and big waves, can also be firmly out of time and history of wind and rain, while those who waste time muddle along, like a little empty water the bucket, often a storm of life and put them over completely, without turning to.

Friends, easy life, of course, people envy, but such a life will not make people have too much success. In the University of our times, although the life will be very tired, but remember: heavy fruit will always take the branches bent and empty shell always be blown away, to rise up the pursuit of dreams, will take more responsibility for ourselves, with “water”, so that we can only load the burden the storm will not be upset, to make life more stable for their ship.

The so-called persistence than hard reason, is because of hard work, when his goal is not up, he may give up halfway, but insisted that he will fight with you in the end. Even when I turn this fifty to chance or fate, I am with you until that time, as long as I live, so I made this wish, I fight with you! Just said, our family does not have a high degree of life, is to learn from the way of life of the above, you may find some truth in what I said you may not agree, opportunities for those who are prepared, wrong! The opportunity is for the red man. Once I will be a lot of talent, but the opportunity largest discount nfl jerseys will slip away from me, looking for red people, because the red man he has ratings guarantee, the audience love to see, so the stage is very cheap nike jerseys cruel. All walks of life have a stage, you may suffer a lot of problems, the future will meet one who has helped you, give you a push people, give you the opportunity, these people need to remember. What do you remember? The man who attacked you, scolded the people you want to remember. What was the reason? You have to stand on the stage one day, when you enjoy applause, you have to look at the man said, “I succeeded, how?!!”