Knowing cheap football jerseys nike what you want to do

Xiao Li is not satisfied with his current situation, he went to visit his teacher, I hope the teacher can give him advice. He said the goal of their lives to the teacher, a good job is actually looking for a good, can improve your life situation.After listening to his words, his teacher asked him: “so, what do you want to do now?”

The lad replied, “I don’t know for myself, because I never thought about it. All I know is that I don’t like the work I do now. The life I want is not the way it is.”

The teacher then asked: “do you have any hobbies and expertise? What is the most important thing for you?”

“I don’t know,” replied the young man with honesty, “I never thought of it too carefully.”

The teacher asked: “so if you choose, what do you want to do cheap nfl jerseys china? What do you really want to do?”

At this point, the young man has been very confused: I really Wholesale football jerseys authentic do not know, I do not know what they like, I never considered this issue.”

After listening to the teacher, shook his head and smiled and said: you are not satisfied with their current situation, want to leave, go elsewhere. However, you do not have a clear goal, do not know where you want to go. And you don’t know what you like to do or what you can do. How can you improve your situation? If the heart does not have the place which perches, goes to where is stray. If you really want to do something, don’t hesitate now, you must decide for yourself.”

The teacher made a thorough analysis of the student, then tested his ability and found that the student had many potential abilities. The teacher knows, for anyone, the driving force is essential, but the main thing is to develop his sense of purpose and understanding of their own. Today, the young man already know what he wants to do, know how to do, there is no difficulty can block the pace of his progress.

The most difficult problem for an average person is not knowing what they can do. The ancients often say: “the enemy, know yourself.” Is to tell us, to “confidant” in the first place, you only football jerseys different color know yourself, know their own strength, you can be successful. The most important thing in life is not the goal, how or how smug, but the tigers use their talents and abilities, and have the best play.

Your ability to determine your height, not holding 1 million of the funds to meet 10 million of the project, not a eat a big fat man, to do what. Confucius said: thirty. To “stand”, we must understand their ability to do what is more important than what you want to do. First of all to have the ability to decide what they want to do.

Do not eyes above the sky, to put a ruler in their hearts, know what they can do,buy jerseys online suitable for what to do. To find ways to put their talent in the most appropriate position, so that we can get the favor of success.

Many colleagues suggested that he said: can not participate in activities as far as possible do not need to go, so tired every day, not worth it.” He explained: “people, there will always be vicious circle and virtuous cycle. You do it well, it may pieces (things) will do. If a thing is not done well, then (piece) things done. As you read, for example, this year won the “three good student”, next year it will visit your national scholarship. Do work, do the same.”

One of the things he has done recently, Shenzhen University invited him to do the defense committee, in accordance with the routine, then in the end the students about their thesis ideas and writing process, gives some advice on it or evaluation. But he is in the “Shenzhen Evening News” with the 8 version, showing the students graduate work, he said he will give these students the highest praise for youth. He tried football jerseys Free Shipping to put every meaningful thing to do, when the other colleagues in the newspaper, as a topic of excitement, he obtains from each small part of daily life, they found the flash point, a small selection of glory, let him the editor can go the farther.

He said: “I have this little habits, leisure time will find the previous photo, look at him, look at his face, you will find that you have a very good state, eyes will be relatively clear, and, for a while will be more lax, look good point. From the inside of the eye can see things, by heart. This is one of the reasons I will never give up the effort, I hope my whole person can have a call from the inside out, infected with my colleagues.”