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A few weeks ago More than nfl jerseys china, a trip to Tangshan all factory low price complain about, in order to catch the early train, I got up at six, arrived at the train station at seven o’clock. Read on the train for nearly an hour of the book, found and did not imagine so sleepy, early also did not imagine so difficult.

That being the case, it is better to get up early, take this time to read?

Out of this idea, second days began to perform. In the past eight points to get up at work to go to work on the day I was an hour cheap nfl jerseys earlier, eight o’clock on the company to the bottom of the KFC, to breakfast, sitting in the corner eating look at the.

KFC in each corner are sitting some people, some people bow reading, someone doing exercises, some people recite words. Prior to this, I think I can get up an hour earlier youth jerseys direct supply, has been a very hard man. But when I saw them, my mood fell all of a sudden.

For second weeks, I was half an hour ahead of my original schedule. Half past six to get up, seven o’clock subway has been filled with people, half past seven to KFC, each corner still sat a lot of learning, and are younger than me.

There is always earlier than you, even if you go with the first subway at half past five, there are people sleepless night. So, I decided not to compete with people early, for my own life before, can make good use of these 1.5 hours is enough. Everyone has their own life trajectory, I do not have to coincide with them.

But I must remember one thing: there will always be someone who works harder than me. They also have a nfl jerseys china lot of worries, but also very busy (or why so early start a new day), will encounter many difficulties. However, they will in order to solve these problems, down-to-earth action, not just stop in the endless complaints of life.

Yes, discontent is most of the city people’s dissatisfaction with the norm, the salary is too low, a dissatisfied customer dissatisfaction, idiot price is too high, too few friends, dissatisfied with the dissatisfaction of private space, traffic congestion with extrusion…… I am not to belittle these cheap nfl jerseys people, because I am one of them.

Complain is inevitable, but also necessary. This is my helpless understanding of this era. Every man in the face of so true to life, the overload of the competition mechanism, will be full of complaints, complaints are just a way to vent their emotions.

The point is, after complaining, do you keep your life as it is, or change your attitude towards life.

The boss is not because of your grievances, will give you a raise; customers do not because of your grievances, becomes wise; not because of your good country complaining, lower prices; the stranger is not because of your grievances, take the initiative to make friends with you; () leadership is not as you are good at complaining, the work you do are assigned to others; the government will not because you are good at complaining to you alone and build a road……

Facts have been established, you can not decide, you can not change them. I only can do, is nothing more than to continue to cheap nike nfl jerseys increase their competitiveness and gain more social resources, reduce a little negative energy of the body, a step by step let yourself out of the team in the idiot. Stand a little higher, even if only a little, you have a little less.

The more than and 60 year old Wang Shi, more than and 80 year old Jin Yong’s going to Harvard degree, what are they for? Wang Shi in more than ten years boarded the world’s seven major peaks, for what? With the name, they enjoy the rest of your life, and continue to learn ambition, and continue the ambition, is nothing but hope I can stand a little higher, look a little farther.

Most of us may not nba jerseys for sale be born well enough to be talented enough to look beautiful…… But these can not be the reason we do not work hard, on the contrary, precisely because we are so ordinary, it is necessary to pay more efforts than others, if you want to go beyond the present life.

No complaining world, no temper, are nonexistent. Make yourself do not have to bend over to hate, let her idiot less, is the meaning of hard good ok nfl jerseys.