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People often ask me how My first pot wholesale basketball jerseys to Diyitongjin,from china confidence where to get, how many. Every time they ask me this question, I want to say, the first barrel of gold is confident. Even if you do not have money do not be afraid, self-confidence is your capital. There are people with a good modifier in front of confidence, called blind confidence, I don’t like. I have said many times the harm of self, but I think a little relationship with the ego is not one of the good things, is self-confidence. Self confidence, of course, self-awareness, as well as letters, believe the letter. Believe, positive, healthy. To believe in yourself. A person who believes in himself believes in others and believes in the future.

A person is not inferior, people do not divide what level, and put myself in a cheap football jerseys certain level to limit their energy. I am 14 years old half go to school in Lanzhou, really poor, only a pair of pants, so the whole semester I worried about this pair of trousers will not be worn, breaking the miserable, because I’m wearing a flower pants. This gives me great psychological pressure,cheap jerseys basketball online all the time worrying about this pants will break, every time you stand up before secretly touch the back is not a hole. At that time I really had a strong sense of inferiority, because of a broken trousers, walk along the street side, stand for good posture, no spirit.

We say that a person has a spirit, is that he presents a positive, upward state. Performance in the people he is generous, friendly; reflected in the matter he is hard, dare to play and not afraid of difficulties. Such a spiritual person, can form to attract others to communicate with or work with. I remember when my dad had once told me seriously: “don’t trouble, do not be afraid of something. If I encounter difficulties, think of these two sentences, it will suddenly put all the energy on the body mobilized. When I go to school to make a speech, also with college students say, this generation of college students, psychologically strong. We want to see this era lack what, and what you can do, don’t steal rape Shuahua, around to the side. The soft, cunning man, and he will do things no one dare.

Confident people dare to tell the truth, even if the truth hurt others, others will eventually trust you, because he can hold you. Confident people are not afraid to expose their personality, dare to expose themselves. What I say is what I think, not to whom to say. Personality is based on reality. If you are real, don’t be afraid your personality will be found. From the market exchange, we have a principle that difference exchange. You have an apple, I have an apple basketball jerseys different color, will be exchange, if everyone is cheap nfl jerseys pears, there will be no exchange. Confident people dare to come up with their own apple.

The most inspiring thing about me is the cartoon “Mulan”. Mulan’s father said to Mulan: “the flowers on the tree, each flower is unique, you may be the last to open that one, but must be the most beautiful.” This sentence is very good, is a big truth. Now talk about publicity personality, I think personality is not necessarily intended publicity, or natural existence of better. Personality and self are different. Personality is the characteristic of your objective existence, you are an honest person, a clever person, or a person who loves to blink. But if we encourage people to develop their individuality, we may become a subjective character. He has short hair, but he wears long hair to make a difference. And this personality jerseys  different basketball size is not his own, but a latest development and design. We can appreciate his own image of innovation, but to say that this is his personality, it does not fly. Personality is inherent and constant individual characteristics, is to understand each other and grasp the basis, if this basis can be arbitrarily designed, people really can not trust.